Messages from the Spirit World

given by International Psychic Medium Julie Stephenson-Cambers

If you were happy with the reading you were given, please feel free to give me your feedback.     

Thank you

I met Julie in June 2013 at a Bon Jovi concert of all places. We hit it off immediately. I have had a major loss within the last few years and Julie was guided to me and my daughter in the queue by my late husband. I did not know this until very much later and not until after the first reading Julie gave me. Julie has been so accurate with the information she has provided and has brought much comfort and healing through her gift. She truly is amazing passing on the information from her guides that you can be left in no doubt her gift is real.                                                  

- JulieB, Steeton, West Yorkshire


I had a wonderful reading from Julie she was spot on with everything she even told me things about my family I didnt no which later were confirmed im going to book again Julie made me feel so comfortable

- Claire B, Dewsbury, West Yorkshire


I had a lovely reading from Julie, Lots of things which I have found out from Family which she had mentioned in my reading. I felt at ease at all times and Julie is very welcoming.

- Sally F, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

Some things made sense and some didn't but since we have left more things are standing out from what you said. I hate to say I have always been sceptical about this but I am more convinced now. If that makes sense

- Robert F, Selby, North Yorkshire

Very welcoming lady. Lovely reading, Somethings made sense straight away others not so much. Will definitely be returning again.

- Kelly S, Brighouse, West Yorkshire

Wow!! My first ever reading and i can honestly say im amazed! Julie is lovely and put me straight at ease. A cpl of things left me puzzled but then others were so true but only i wud of known!! I will definatly be returning :-)

- Mowenna M, Brighouse, West Yorkshire

Slowly I'm making sense of my reading I had off you ,its all coming together Julie,very gifted and a lovely warm friendly lady you are. thankyou x

- Vicky H, Wakefield, West Yorkshire

I have had 2 readings so far by Julie and she's been spot on each time, i will definitely be booking again and recommending her to others, she's a complete blessing to have as my spiritualist, such a wonderful gift you have Julie, i walk out feeling so calm and at peace after my readings x

- Donna B, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

Julie makes you feel very comfortable and relaxed, I was a non believer but she has certainly opened my eyes. I will definitely be returning for another reading.

- Beth W, Dewsbury, West Yorkshire

Julie is a very gifted woman, it was my first ever reading I was a bit nervous but she soon put me at ease.i will most certainly be returning for another reading. highly recommended. thank you julie

- Karen K, Dewsbury, West Yorkshire


My reading was so accurate and learnt many things I didn't know until later when listening to my recording. She has a real talent and makes you feel relaxed. Thanks

- Richard B, Wakefield, West Yorkshire

Made to feel very welcome and comfortable, very impressed with everything. The things she told me there was no way she could have known. I'm very grateful that I had it recorded so I can still go back and listen to it, as she gave me so much information. I will be going back to see her again xx

- Hazel W, Dewsbury, West Yorkshire

Julie you are a very special lady, last nights reading (13/3/2014) blew my mind I'm so happy thank you very very much xxx

- Sarah C, Dewsbury, West Yorkshire

Thank you Julie its been an inspirational afternoon with you had butterflies in my tummy but excited at the same time.I must have to say never have been to a one to one everything you said was true, look forward to seeing you again x

- Tracey T, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

I had a wonderful reading from julie she was spot on with everything. Julie made me feel at ease. I have confirmed with Julie I would book another one. Julie made me feel so comfortable.

- Donna Mc, Dewsbury, West Yorkshire

Had a brilliant demo at Fort Paull last week! (20.03.2014) What a night and all for a tenner. Such good fun and not scary at all. I got a personal message that was relevant to me and me only but the spirits, one in particular had us in stitches.Julie gave a lad a message from his grandma about his hair and his ear ring and he told her he has had the same message from 3 other mediums!! Enough proof for me she is a true medium and well worth going to see one of her demonstrations

- Karen K, Dewsbury, West Yorkshire

Thank you so much for tonight we had a great night and some really good messages and some that meant a lot thank you again,will booking you again


Deann N, Denby Dale, West Yorkshire

Can i just say thank you so much, Lately i have been so down as i've thought my gran wasnt there i was too upset to look at any photos of her as i had it in my mind she left me. Now i know she's with me always and its been one of the most happiest yet depressing day ever. It feels like everything inside me has been taken out and im left with happiness although its a good thought it just feels so strange. Everything you said is spot on. I've been praying just for a sign that she's there and when you said " she loves to hear you pray " that just made me burst out crying as you saw. She wanted me to do my confirmation so much and im so happy ive made her proud doing it. So like i said, thank you so much P.S Ive been putting my hand out and it feels like a cold type of touch on my finger tips and when she went to hold my hand that's how she'd do it.

- Connor B, Mirfield, West Yorkshire

You are fantastic Julie thank you for last night x

- Natalie M, Thornhill, Dewsbury, West Yorkshire

thanks for a great night at the Ship Inn Mirfield Julie u defo r genuine x

- Janine M, Thornhill Lees, West Yorkshire

You where amazing! Thankyou so much! I will definitely be having a one to one reading with you in time to come x

- Carly M, Thornhill Lees, West Yorkshire

Just had a reading with Julie and was blown away! Absolutely spot on with everything past and present. She gave me alot of comfort and hope. Walked out feeling as though I was walking on air. Thank you so much Julie. You are a very gifted, genuine, truly lovely person. I can't wait to come and see you again.

- Sara C, Dewsbury, West Yorkshire

Julie is amazing every thing she said was so true defo will be seeing her again

- Tina McN, York, North Yorkshire

Just had a private/group reading with Julie and everything she said was so true. She knew things that wouldn't be possible to know. I will definitely be back for another reading. Thank you Julie.
- Tina W, Dewsbury, West Yorkshire
you bring and give so much . To other people and give hope and inspiration to us all. You have brought so much happiness into our lives and messages from loved ones who can no longer be with us....they are so heart felt and for that you should be applauded and recognised world wide for the fantastic and such special gift u give to us all xxxxx a big hearted thank you Julie from us all xxxxx p.s if u make it on tv and become famous can I be your rodie? Xxxxxx
- Shelly H, Keighley, North Yorkshire

saw Julie last night (19th June 2014 @ The Spotted Cow, Malton) she delivers messages with flair and sensitivity I was fortunate enough to get a message and she was spot on with everything she told me. I wish Julie the best of luck for the future

- Liam A, Malton, North Yorkshire
brilliant night last night (Shoulder of Mutton, York, 27th June 2014) the best part of which was watching your dad's chest swell with pride as he watched you for the first time perform!!! made tears come to my eyes, well done!
- Karen, York, North Yorkshire
Had a lovely evening with Julie, at the Model T in Darlington on the 22nd July. Everything Julie told me is true, I could connect straight away on some of the things but since being home and talking to my family the other things she told me have fallen into place perfectly. What a lovely, friendly, compassionate person she is xxxx thanks Julie
- Beverley K, Darlington, Co. Durham
by the way lovely cds really calming and lovely to meditate to and  my hubby said it was a lovely cd and my friends looking forward to getting hers off me friday so if anyone else wants one ill let you know
- Michelle L, Dewsbury, West Yorkshire

I saw julie the other night (Sunday 31st August 2014 @ The Priory, St Neots, Cambridgeshire) and she bought my sister through who took her own life, julie had messages for me and my mum from her that made complete sence to me now I feel at ease knowing she is happy thank you do much julie I would love to see you again spot on in all that you said xxx
- Samantha H, St Neots, Cambridgeshire

Had another home visit from Julie she is such an amazing gifted lady who bring you comfort from loved ones recommend to everyone amazing carnt wait for next time seriously people give her a try and you won't be disappointed
- Deann N, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

What a wonderful reading I had from Julie so accurate, I was really nervous when I went but she soon put me at ease will definitely return
- Elaine M, Birstall, West Yorkshire

I have been to many readings over the years and you are the only one who brought my mum through. Mum passed when I was 5 years old and I have prayed and prayed for a message from her, today you gave me proof she is around me. Not only that you brought my father, uncle, father In law, sister Myra. WOW! I was over whelmed.
Thank you so much, can never repay you. God bless. xx
- Betty M, Emley Moor, Huddersfield

Another fantastic session with Julie, received some great messages. Highly recommended. Xx
- Kelly S, Brighouse, West Yorkshire

Brilliant night at the king William pub in Gorleston (16th Oct 2014), Julie was spot on with her message for me and my partner ,we would both love a private reading from Julie and would Definitely pay to see her see Julie again , well worth going to see x

- Phil J, Gorleston on Sea, Great Yarmouth

Hi just thought I would tell you.i was at Kate's Home Visit Mediumship party (4/10/2014) .you said to me my money was changing.and there was some healing around one of my children .well I got some good news today .my child got his disability living allowance today been waiting ages for it. Did not think he would get it. Just thought I would share it with u as it was in the reading. Thankyou .and thank you to family that's passed and light .from Leanne.x
- Leanne H, Keighley, West Yorkshire

Many thanks for other night (home visit Mediumship party on 23rd Oct 2014) I really really enjoyed it and u were spot on u expected no less I av laughed since and thought that's typical with some of what u said makes u look at things a little different in life as well. Def want a one to one when kids av gone bk to school xx
- Donna M, Crigglestone, West Yorkshire

Thank you so much for our group reading last night,it was amazing and i cant wait to book our one to ones with you. You are fantastic and do a great and amazing job xxx

- Amy D, Wakefield, West Yorkshire

Thank you thank you thank you! Had Julie at my pub in Wakefield on Wednesday 29th October 2014, and I am more than happy than to be booking this lady again. Good readings to all here and spot on with mine which brought me to tears. Thanks again And look forward to seeing you in the future. X
- Tom, Landlord The Harewood Arms, Wakefield

Thanks for the reading yesterday (11/11/2014) it was very good.

- Rita T, Baildon, West Yorkshire

My 3rd (Home Visit) time seeing Julie tonight an amazing gifted lady,had a few first timers tonight that were a bit sceptical but after tonight are totally convinced and everything could relate to,thank you Julie hopefully be seeing you again soon x

- Deann N, Denby Dale, West Yorkshire

Just had my second reading with Julie and once again she was spot on. I laughed, cried and generally got put in my place from my Nan :-). Julie DOES NOT KNOW when my birthday is but passed on a happy birthday from my Nan for today. Lovely lady, genuine medium. Thank you a mil again Julie. See you again soon

- Sara C, Dewsbury, West Yorkshire

last night my daughter got the surprise of her life when her partner got down on one knee and proposed! only everyone else at the party knew this was going to happen. 4 weeks before though while watching Julie perform at earlsheaton wmc (on 15th Nov 2014), my late hubby came through to tell her he loved her and he loved the ring!!!! naughty dad nearly spoiled such a well kept secret x x just like his daughter he could never keep secrets x x x

- Karen K, Dewsbury, West Yorkshire

Hi Julie, just have to thank you for saving us hundreds of pounds. You told me about a flat and boiler and to check it. Although we have a flat that is empty at mo it had a new boiler in so just brushed it a side. Next morning was playing on our mind so went up to check!!!!!! Yes there was a leak, boiler empty, no heating or hot water. Wouldn't have bothered going up if not been to yours the day before. So much you brought to us has come to light thank you so much x

- Diane S, Batley, West Yorkshire

I got a message from my grandmother through julie last night in dumfries. Everything that came through was 100%. It was the strangest sensation when I was was getting my message, it was like my heart was on fire. It has brought me a sense of calmness knowing my grandmother is with me and it's something I needed to here. Thank you julie it was a pleasure and I will come see you again. Xx

- Gemma McG, Dumfries, Scotland

I've only recently seen Julie yet, she told me loads of things and stuff such as I needed to check my oil in my car as my light wasn't working and sure enough I checked as soon as I was home and it was nearly empty, and the cooker wasn't working as well was correct my mum complained of her cooker not working. She told me other stuff about how my life has been over a period if time which is true and said should now remain carlm so I'm hopeful that should now happen as everything else she told me was true! Thanks again Julie I'll b back again in future x

- Jessica, Selby, North Yorkshire

julie is the real thing, everything has happened i was told about, look forward to next reading at kate luv alex

- Alex C, Keighley, West Yorkshire

I seen Julie nearly a year ago now I have never been to anyone like her she told me things only I could no things coming up and things to watch out for some of it didn't make sense at the time but now everything makes sense and made me think and take more control of my life in really glad I went to see her and am going back next week infact I cant wait thankyou Julie .
Celine G, Halifax, West Yorkshire

My first online reading by Julie and what can I say she was spot on! Will deff be having another and will also be recommending to friends and family Marie xx

Marie P, Bradford, West Yorkshire

Wow thank you so much for my messages (25/10/15 @ The White Swan, Deighton)  I've spent the past 2 days trying to think of ways you could have found out about my life, every time I draw a blank other than you have an amazing gift! Thank you so much I hope to see you again and will be recommending you x

Marianne S, Selby, North Yorkshire

I have just had time to actually look into my 3 card reading I received while on holiday. I never actually saw the conclusion/outcome til tonight. after reading it I find once more it is spot on!! it has helped me to make an important decision, thank you xx

Karen K, Dewsbury, West Yorkshire

I have seen Julie twice (both Home Visit Group Reading) and each time she was spot on she couldn't have know the things she told me will defently be booking again

Leanne D, Bradford, West Yorkshire

I have seen you two times and love evething that you do. I also have a number of card readings they are so helpful. You have an amazing gift. Can't wait to see you agen in a nother group reading

Gina D, Keighley, West Yorkshire

I met Julie at the Riverside Pub, Selby.  I went along with a friend, neither of us had heard about Julie so we thought it would be interesting to go along.  Julie was giving messages to most people and seemed to be spot on from what she was saying and their reactions to what they were told, time was getting on and I didn't think  I was going to get anything come through.  Then, all of a sudden Julie pointed and me and said she'd got my dad, the things Julie said was amazing.  She even describe something that had happed at my house that morning that she would not have known, my friend was shocked.  Julie went on to tell me more tings that there was no way she could have known about.  Julie was spot on very professional.  We had a brilliant night, so much so, that I booked Julie for a charity night at my place of work.  Julie went down a storm there too.  I would definitely recommend her to anyone.
Susan S, Selby, North Yorkshire

Met Julie at a event at Batley park and had a 10 Card reading and she was spot on with everything she said I watch her live video every Sunday to listen to small little reading for other she bring joy and happiness to people life's from the reading she give out from having that reading with Julie I feel more myself than ever
Jessica C, Birstall, West Yorkshire

Julie is simply amazing. Her gift is so genuine and she is so talented. She told me about something my partner said to my dying Nan and he has NEVER told anyone. Her messages give us both hope and faith through very difficult times in our lives. She is an amazing person, incredibly talented and has a genuine gift. Her humble ethos is warming and inviting and her private reading room is a small sanctuary for my partner and I. A true talented individual who has a caring nature about people.
  Gemma & Neil, Eggborough, North Yorkshire