Messages from the Spirit World

given by International Psychic Medium Julie Stephenson-Cambers

A little about me,

I have been able to hear and speak to spirit since I can remember, my mother has said that she first noticed me talking to spirit from when I was just 3 years old.  Of course, I never knew they were spirit as I had not known any of my family who were already in spirit until my Grandfather passed over when I was 15 years old (this was very shocking for me).  I decided to keep this information to myself as I didn't want my friends and family thinking I was some kind of freak, so I decided to ignore spirit and to try and have a normal life.

A few years later, my son was born and my attitude toward the Spirit World changed and I allowed them back into my life as I longed for Spirit to protect my only child.   It was quite nice speaking to my family who had passed over during this time to be able to speak with them etc.

However, unfortunately my life was not as happy as I feel it should have been, my son (only child) passed over in 2004 which as you can appreciate was the worse thing that has happened in my life.  To this day I am unable to speak with him, I know he is around but he doesn't speak to me.

My twin brother passed over in 2011 and his passing has completely changed my life.  During his living years he was extremely skeptical with regard to Spirit, so much so, I was unable to speak about my son in front of him.  Once my twin had passed he would walk around me and I would ask him to stop with the footsteps, he would whisper in my ear and I would answer him, he couldn't believe that I was able to know he was around me and with his help I am now able to give messages from your loved ones who have made the transition into the Spirit World.

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Julie has pleasure in announcing the launch of her Autobiography on Thursday 23rd November 2017.  The book is all about her Spiritual journey from her birth to the date of the launch.

My ability to communicate with the Spirit World



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